Nathan Brandner was born and raised in northeastern Wisconsin. In 2008 he attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and graduated with his BA in Art in 2012. Following his graduation he enrolled in a summer course at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy which would secure his long desire to work in the manner of the great masters as an oil painter. Upon return to the states he pursued further training at the Academy of Fine art in Wisconsin and now resides back in the northeastern region of the state.

Nathan now seeks the delicate transition to full time artist. He works days and spends most nights working at his craft. In any left over time in the week he also runs portraiture open to the public and teaches periodic workshops locally too.

          Inspired by the expressive colors of John Singer Sargent and the chiaroscuro of Rembrandt, Nathan is always seeking ways to create the breath of light and life in his works. Having been blessed to work under the likes of Ken DeWaard, Molly Johnson and Dan Gerhartz he has learned many technical and philosophical aspects that have assisted him to where he is today.

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